Unlimited Exams Subscription

$39.00 / month

The most practical way to keep updated for only $39/month. Get unlimited access to our online certification exams and digital libraries. We add one new certification exam every month.



The Unlimited Exams Subscription allows you to get certified for all the free online courses at your own pace, anytime (24/7), from anywhere (100% online).

Here are the benefits:

  1. Unlimited access to all Certification Exams
  2. Unlimited exam attempts (instead of having only one attempt)
  3. Unlimited access to all Practice Libraries (relevant industry papers)
  4. Unlimited renewals: renew your certifications before their expiration date
  5. One new Certification Exam every month (you as a subscriber will be able to suggest ideas for future new free online courses and get certified for all of them)

For the first subscribers we’ve got an early bird offer of only $39 per month, that will become $89 per month later for the rest of people. So, I don’t want you to  miss the early bird offer.